The components of the STIL-FIT ergometer are made from high-quality materials and constructed using a high level of German craftsmanship. The entire design process and Engineering phase was done in Germany.

Induction Brake

Our ergometer is equipped with a high-quality induction brake system. It is characterized by a very precise and quite runout.

Furthermore the system has a built-in generator and produces its own electricity. Thus the bike can be placed anywhere and there is no cable laying on the floor. 

Wooden tubes

You can select 3 different types of wooden tubes.

Ash wood painted black // Walnut wood // Ash wood

Please inform us about your selection with your order. 


The handles are produced exclusively for us by the German company ERGON - an innovative manufacturer of bicycle grips with superior ergonomics. The company was awarded the Red Dot Design Award. 


The angle of the handlebar can be easily adjusted. The adjustment is done by loosening the screw on the side porch.

Storage tray

Place your phone, TV remote or similar things on the tray. Always having it in direct view and easy access for any necessary adjustments.


The angle and the horizontal position can be adjusted according to your needs. The saddle is very comfortable and the material can be cleaned easily. As we use standard bike components you can use any saddle you like. 


We use a very high quality quick release from CNC machined aluminum with a black anodized finish. The seat tube is infinitely adjustable in height. For easy handling we added a scale of 1 to 7 at the front of the tube. 


We use the EP Urban pedal from the German company Ergotec. Of course you can customize your bike by using your favorite pedals (e.g. Click pedals) 

Shimano SPD Combi Pedal

Our ergometer can optionally be equipped with the versatile SPD Combi Pedal. It combines the efficiency of the SPD system and the convenience of a platform pedal.

Adjustable feet

The four feet are manually adjustable and have a non-slipping and non-marking bottom. You can place the ergometer on uneven grounds and have a safe workout. 

Transport rollers

At the rear of the bike optional wheels can be mounted for easy transportation. The screw connection holes are locked when not in use with spacers. The rollers are sized very large. Thresholds are then no obstacle to transport - just grab the bike from the rear of the saddle and handlebars and lift it up.

Included accessoires

  • Transportation Rollers
  • User manual
  • All necessary tools
  • Battery charger