The STIL-FIT ergometer is ready for operation within only a few operating steps. All necessary steps are shown when you start the app and the installation has to be done only once. The ergometer will be delivered with our transmission box and a LAN cable. The communication between the STIL-FIT box and the tablet/phone is done via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Download the STIL-FIT app from the app store.

2. Open the app and start the start-assistant. The assistant is guiding you through the set up. For the first steps, you only need your tablet, the STIL-FIT control box and your router.

3. Connect the control box to the power supply close to your router. During the setup, you will be asked to connect both devices with a LAN-cable.

4. After you have successfully integrated the control box to your Home Wlan you can disconnect it from your router.

5. Connect the control box to the power supply close to your ergometer. (max. distance 10m)

6. Now you need to establish the Bluetooth connection. Tab the button “connect ergometer” and start pedaling.

After the connection is successfully established the setup is finished and you can start with your workout. This set-up needs to be done only one time.

1. Stand-Alone Mode

The Standalone Mode should be chosen if no home WLAN is available. The ergometer communicates directly with our transmission box. The Internet access is possible with the tablet via UMTS.

2. Cable Mode – integration with LAN cable

This mode should be chosen if a home WLAN is available and the distance between the ergometer and the router is not too far. You can connect the transmission box directly to the router. The maximum distance between the transmission box and the ergometer is limited through the Bluetooth range.

The cable mode is very simple and can be used without any password. The ergometer will be automatically integrated into your network as a type of network printer or other device. The tablet is connected to the fast home WLAN network.

3. WLAN Mode

This mode should be chosen if home WLAN is available and the cable mode cannot be used because the distance from the router to the ergometer is too far. To run this mode please set up the STIL-FIT box close to the ergometer and follow the steps in the instruction. Please note that you will need your router password for this mode.

For questions concerning installation please feel free to contact us anytime. 

Call: +49.89.13 93 60 40