Technical details

Typ Ergometer
DIN-Klasse DIN EN 957-1/5, Class HA
Performance 50 - 400 Watt, Flywheel 10.5 kg, Commercial induction brake system
Trainingscomputer Tablet-PC (not included)
Handling via complimentary STIL-FIT App (iOS and Androide)
Programms Quick start of the last training program, Manual – adjustable in 32 levels with time setting, 5 Cardio programs, 10 hill programs with a fixed training time from 20 to 60 minutes, Watt Constant – adjustable in steps of 5 watt with time setting, virtual tours – in planning
Storage Yes - For a countless number of users
Language English, German
Power Supply No power supply needed. Generator system
Dimensions L/W/H 150 x 500 x 1200 mm
Weight 38 kg
Maximum user weight 130 kg
Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch
Color White Gloss / Dark Savanna
Pulse measuring Polar receiver 5 kHz - built in / Polar chest belt (optional)
Pedals Original Mountainbike pedals / silver anodized. Click pedals optional
Saddle Horizontal and angle adjustable. Saddle height infinitely adjustable with quick-release / Scale on the front / length max 830mm measured from crank axle to top. Extension tube (optional) can be exchanged with any standard model
Handlebar Stem and handlebar - exchangeable
Hand grips Model GA1 EVO from ERGON
Quick release clamp CNC machined aluminum / Black
Cockpit mount 8mm satin anodized aluminum
Feet Adjustable
Transportation rollers Optional installation (included)


Besides the quick-start function the STIL-FIT Ergometer SFE-009/2 offers different possibilities for workouts. Train with the levels 1-24 like in the studio or use one of the various preset programs. You can choose among various hill programs as well as a Watt or Cardio program.

Training Programms - Overview

MANUAL LEVEL The resistance can be adjusted in 32 steps
MANUAL WATT The number of WATT can be adjusted from 50-400 in steps of 5 Watt. Time can be set.
MANUAL PULSE To use this program you need the chest belt. After setting the age the app selects the target pulse. For the program “fitness” with 75% of the max. pulse rate and for the program “fat burner” with 65%. The value can be adjusted individually. The start level and the time can be set. Note: Attach the chest belt correctly. The electrodes should be wet. The tension is adjusted until the set target pulse rate is reached. Within +/­ 6 beats at the target pulse rate the resistance keeps unchanged. If the pulse rate is reaching +/­ 11 beats from the target pulse a signal appears. In case there is no signal available for a longer time the resistance is turning down. Disconnect the transmitter if the chest belt is not in use.
BEGINNER 1­-3 Hill program with a fixed duration. Using the plus minus button the resistance level can be changed.
ADVANCED 1­-4 Hill program with a fixed duration. Using the plus minus button the resistance level can be changed.
SPORTIVE 1-3 Hill program with a fixed duration. Using the plus minus button the resistance level can be changed.
CARDIO 1 Time 15 minutes at 75% of the maximum pulse rate.
CARDIO 2 Time 20 minutes varying from 65 - 75 % of the maximum pulse rate.
CARDIO 3 Time 30 minutes varying from 65 - 75% of the maximum pulse rate.
CARDIO 4 Time 45 minutes varying from 65 - 80% of the maximum pulse rate.
CARDIO 5 FATBURNER Time 60 minutes on a pulse rate of 125. For all these programs you need the Polar chest belt.

The CARDIO programs work according to the latest safety aspects. If there is no pulse signal for more than a minute, the system automatically reduces the resistance.

For the program CARDIO you need a chest belt. (not included)