The Training Computer

The Rower SFR-015 is equipped with a 4,3“ TFT Touch Screen Monitor which offers the following features. 

  • Data storage for 5 user
  • Setting of time and distance
  • Display: Time, Time 500 meter, Distance, SPM, Calories, Watt und Pulse
  • "Pace-Race" program - Racing a virtual opponent

The main screen 

Using the "quick-start" button you can start working out fast and easy. 

You can also create a new user or switch to the program selection. You can set time and distance or choose the "pace-race" mode. 

Create a user

You can create up to 5 user. The basic data is stored for every user and allows you to track your training progress. 

The trainings screen

While working out all necessary data is displayed 

  • Pulse
  • Spins per minute (SPM)
  • Distance in meter
  • Watt 
  • Calories (CAL)
  • Time/500m
  • Remaining time


Your training progress is also displayed graphically.