Effective and long-lasting

According to the latest studies, the fascia training is essential for a holistic training. The fascia acts as an enveloping and stabilizing element of the entire musculature and can be stimulated and activated by targeted training. The key to success is sustainability - unlike a muscle, the connective tissue changes only slowly, but permanently.

Already 10 minutes of fascial training, two or three times a week, are sufficient for a recognizable improvement.



Our Design 'fascia roller' is made from Walnut wood, covered with artificial leather and reinforced by two aluminium rings. Great looks combined with exclusive materials.



The benefits

  • Direct activation and regeneration of the muscles. 
  • Improves coordinative abilities 
  • Improves performance, mobility and flexibility of the muscles 
  • Prevents muscle pain and avoids typical injuries
  • Stimulates the blood circulation 
  • Increases your overall performance and wellbeing

Technical Details

Material Walnut, Aluminium
Covering material Artificial leather with decorative stitching
Dimensions 33 cm length, 15cm diameter
Weight 1.385g